CaseBank Technologies Celebrates 20 Years

Celebrating a History of Providing Industry Leading Troubleshooting Solutions Worldwide

CaseBank Technologies was founded on December 1st, 1998. At that time, troubleshooting techniques were very different from today. Mechanics often spent a lot of time following page-based troubleshooting guidance from manufacturers. When success eluded them, they would speak with other mechanics who had extensive experience and knowledge of the problem at hand. When mechanics retired, their knowledge was no longer available to help new mechanics.

CaseBank started as a research and development project at Atlantis Aerospace with the goal to develop cutting-edge technology that would effectively capture and reinforce existing field experience and combine it with instructions from manufacturers to provide automated troubleshooting guidance. This project is known today as the SpotLight® Interactive Troubleshooting Solution.

At the time, some people were skeptical that this type of technology could be effective in real life casebankheadquarters-600x315troubleshooting situations, and Atlantis’s investors decided to terminate the project. Phil D’Eon, who was one of the founders of Atlantis Aerospace and an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, was confident that SpotLight was the future of troubleshooting. He asked business consultant Tony O’Hara to help him start a new company based on the SpotLight technology. Together, backed by a few founding investors, the two formed CaseBank Technologies.

Both Tony and Phil invested heavily and had the support and loyalty of a small team that made up CaseBank. The first customer for the SpotLight troubleshooting solution was Bombardier. After Bombardier, Pinnacle Airlines (now Endeavor) joined as a subscriber. Pratt & Whitney Canada, Allied Signal Engines, and Gulfstream soon joined the early list of SpotLight customers.  As time went on, SpotLight was recognized in multiple industries as an innovative and effective troubleshooting technology.

In the early 2000s, with the help of the Canadian Government, SpotLight made an important transition to become a cloud-based service that could be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. A few years later, CaseBank achieved a major technical milestone when, after competing with two other best-of-breed diagnostic technologies, Lockheed-Martin selected CaseBank’s SpotLight solution for the F35 aircraft off-board troubleshooting system. After this exciting win, SpotLight was used by suppliers to the Lockheed-Martin F35, including Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce. This was CaseBank’s first military venture, and a ringing endorsement of its approach to troubleshooting.

In 2009, CaseBank introduced another service known today as the ChronicX® Recurring Defect Management Solution. The idea of ChronicX stemmed from a question during a SpotLight demonstration to a potential customer. They wanted to know if SpotLight could be used to alert them of repeat defects. CaseBank engineers discussed the challenges and, after months of development, the company introduced the ChronicX solution. The ChronicX solution uses text mining and other artificial intelligence technologies to analyze maintenance records to find recurring defects within a fleet. With the ChronicX solution, maintenance organizations would no longer need to manually sort through extensive amounts of data to find recurring issues. ChronicX has succeeded in changing the way airlines manage recurring (or chronic) defects.

The first customer of the ChronicX solution was Jazz Aviation LP. Following that, ChronicX received its first large airline customer, Qantas Airlines. One of the main turning points was when United Airlines signed on as a customer. CaseBank has always been a customer focused company, and through the process of implementing ChronicX at United Airlines many product improvements were developed that set it on the path to where it is today. 

At present, CaseBank’s services are used in multiple countries, and within multiple industries, to support both large and small businesses (including many Fortune 1000 companies) to more effectively troubleshoot complex machinery and find recurring defects in their fleets. CaseBank has grown rapidly and has moved into many industries where sophisticated troubleshooting is required. The future of CaseBank’s products will bring more integration, working towards a seamless ecosystem for the company’s services. CaseBank is continuously working to bring this vision to fruition.

CaseBank prides itself in being a team member with its customers, not just a vendor, which has resulted in its outstanding reputation as the aviation industry’s leading software and services company for troubleshooting and recurring defect management.         

We would like to extend a thank you to all of our clients, partners and friends for your business and continued support throughout the last 20 years. Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in CaseBank’s 20 years of growth, development, and innovation. And, we look forward to the next 20 years supporting the industries we serve.